All it took was a giant, man-eating shark to spark my interest in film. The moment Quint looses his grip and slides down into the jaws of Bruce — this is it. Horror had me hooked at an early age, and becoming fascinated with the genre over the years, I knew wanted to tell my own stories — to create my own films.

In 2008, I had my pitch for a horror film called Perkins’ 14, produced by After Dark Films on a $1M budget, and hit the big screen. I was lucky enough to have this experience jump start my career as a filmmaker.

It didn’t take long to discover my passion for cinematography. I spent many years honing the craft, going on to receive an MFA in Film Production at Florida State University, specializing in cinematography. My work on Isa and the Frog Prince, was nominated for a Heritage Award by the American Society of Cinematographers